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Medicaid Dentist | Dr. Paul M. Blank, DDS

Medicaid is a mutual program between the Federal and State governments to pay for health care and medical services for certain low-income persons in the United States and its Territories. The coverage rules vary, depending on the age of the individual, and the state in which he or she resides. Medicaid also provides dental care in some cases, but not all. As of January 2009, less than half of all states provide comprehensive dental care coverage assistance with Michigan being among States that do.

Medicaid dental care for children is required by law and offers comprehensive coverage including early screening, diagnosis and treatment. However, Medicaid coverage for people aged 21 and older is an optional service, with coverage severely lacking for the elderly. There are no minimum requirements for adult dental coverage.

Certain oral problems can also cause complications such as general infections which may turn deadly if not treated. Oral pain cause extreme pain and suffering, along with lost productivity and missed days of work. So, as part of the treatment, a list of Medicaid dentists is made available from the agency which handles Medicaid applications and claims, and it is a good idea to enrol early with a dental provider, since some Medicaid dentists limit the number of new Medicaid patients they will accept in a year.

As a general rule, patients must choose a Medicaid dentist who has been approved as a provider, and he or she may be expected to obtain a referral from another provider for specialty services such as dentures and orthodontic gear. Contact Dr. Paul Blank today for more information on Michigan Medicaid Dental Coverage & Services.

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